Why Should You Choose a Deep Cycle Battery?

The deep cycle battery is intended to discharge and recharge batteries, such as in the case of RV, golf cart, floor scrubber or electric vehicles. The deep cycle battery should not usually be drained at a depth less than 80 percent. So when a battery is rated at 100 amps per hour, we should not take more than 80 amps per hour from this battery or harm the battery, and we will not get as many cycles out.

The camping gear should ideally not be cycled under 50 percent discharge depth. This is when we obtain the maximum amount of cycles. As a general, the deeper you drain a battery, the lower the cycles it will provide.

It could not be feasible for mobile applications, such as RVs or other things, since we have to add additional batteries to size this battery bank such that you only operate it at a depth of 50 percent. Camping gear is rated minutes or amp-hour in a reserve capacity. Reserve capacity minutes are a measure of the number of amps the battery supplies.

Deep cycle battery inside has thicker panels than beginning batteries. Thicker plates are the consequence of more cycling batteries. So, every time we discharge or discharge the battery, a tiny quantity of active material is removed from the plate. If we have a thicker plate, then we should get more cycles out of that battery since it will handle the active material better.

In initial applications, Deep Cycle Battery may be utilized, although it provides less power. It provides less power since it is not designed for beginning. These camping gear have been developed to provide a lesser quantity of pure power for a long time than a beginning battery meant to produce a large energy explosion over a short time.

Maintenance of Battery

deep cycle battery

Although camping gear requires minimal care, its life may be prolonged considerably by following a few basic guidelines.

  • Regular batteries should not be drained to under 20% capacity, since the recharging of a very flat battery causes heat and sulphurization, harming the electrodes. Automatic cut-off switches are increasingly utilized to avoid excessive discharge.
  • Batteries stored slowly discharge themselves and should have a certain addition to prevent them from becoming flat – causing sulphur and damage to the battery. The dressed gel batteries used in this system have an extremely low self-discharge rate of 3 percent per month, which implies that they may be securely kept without charging for up to two years. Other kinds may need to be topped more often.
  • Lead-acid batteries should be properly charged. Too fast charging or overecharging may not only harm the battery, but may also cause leakage of acid, short circuit, hydrogen fire or explosion in the battery. The use of a smart digital float charger with automated current and temperature regulations, such as onboard chargers for goods is always advised.
  • Flooded plant-acid batteries need extra control and maintenance, although in industrial equipment they are no longer popular.
  • As battery technology continues to increase and develop, Deep Cycle Battery solutions for highly powered applications like boats, RV and energy storage systems may be found in various ways. Deep Cycle Battery Line, including a broad variety of AGM and gel models offering the following advantages, is one of the most diverse and dependable options:


deep cycle battery

Each Deep cycle battery is manufactured in the United States in an ISO certified production centre. Each product meets the highest quality requirements, including non-spray specifications for easy transport and installation.


  • Their vast expertise with battery applications enabled them to optimize their products’ power capacity, including those in the Deep cycle battery.

Usage Possibilities Solar Battery

  • A particular advantage of the optimized power of the Deep Cycle Battery is its outstanding performance in a wide variety of renewable energy applications. Their minimum maintenance requirements, consistency and endurance, are great options for solar battery systems.
  • It is essential to acquaint yourself with your installation and use requirements while looking for a deep cycle battery so you can choose the best available choice on the market.

Lighter in Weight

deep cycle battery

Lithium-ion batteries are up to 75% lighter than the acid/lead comparable ones. The significant reductions in weights make your car lighter and efficient so that you can enjoy a greater distance and many other performance advantages. It also simplifies installation and is considerably simpler for applications where you need to move the battery around. The Deep cycle battery weighs only about 26 lb but offers 30-40% more usable energy than batteries with the same amp-hour.

More Efficient Reconstitution 

After you drain your battery or battery bank, you must recharge it, and our Deep cycle battery can restore four times quicker with the same charging current as a Lead/Acid battery. Lithium is more efficient to accept energy, and a deep cycle battery does not need the absorption phase required to charge a Lead/Acid battery to 100%. This Deep cycle battery efficiency also reflects the use of a Solar Battery: a Deep Cycle Battery takes more load from the Solar Battery. It is much quicker and more efficient than charging a battery with the same solar battery and incoming charging power.

Long Life

Longer life is a significant advantage of our Deep Cycle battery. Antigravity Batteries utilize high-grade UL and IEC certified Lithium-Ion Cells with an average battery Lead/Acid rating of between 500 and 1000 cycles at best. Please note that a cycle is a complete battery drain and recharge. Those “rated cycle” figures may be compared since they directly reflect the life of a deep cycle battery if adequately maintained. 

In addition, the deep cycle battery is not as influenced by high heat as lead / acid, which may reduce its lifetime significantly. Our batteries also benefit significantly from being designed with a sophisticated BMS to maintain it in the safest and best operating range and prevent it from unintentional harm like over-discharge, the major cause of damage to any battery.

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