Things to Consider Before Buying a Portable Fridge

A portable fridge freezer is a battery-powered mobile refrigeration device that uses your car’s 12-volt electrical method of keeping your food and drinks cold for an extended period. It costs more than a cooler, but you’ll never have to worry about running out of ice again with camping fridge freezers.

What Size Portable Fridge Freezer do you require?

Large camp fridges have more capacity but demand more electricity, and they take up more space in your automobile. When selecting a refrigerator, make sure it will fit inside your vehicle, considering the additional height of any mounting hardware or slides. Make sure there’s an adequate area for any vents and that you’ll be able to open the lid.

Large camping fridge freezers are also heavy, and with a complete family and their belongings already aboard, a fully-loaded fridge freezer camping could push your automobile over its gross vehicle mass limit (GVM).

What types of camp fridge are available?

Two-way portable fridge freezers use 12-volt or mains power, but three-way refrigerators use electricity and gas. So, which is the best option?

Portable fridge freezer With Two-Way Compressors

Two-way portable fridge freezers employ the same compressor technology as standard refrigerators, but they’re designed to function on your car or truck’s 12- or 24-volt battery as well as mains power. They’re ideal for most uses because they’re designed to run off your car’s electrical system without consuming too much current, but they can also be switched to 240 volts in electrified campgrounds or at home.

Compressor types, unlike gas fridges, require regular battery charging, so they may not be the most outstanding choice for a month in the field, but they’ll work OK with a small solar panel arrangement.

Pros of fridge freezer camping

  • Even in hot automobiles and high ambient temperatures, the performance of a portable fridge freezer is excellent.
  • Some of them can also be used as freezers.
  • Fridge freezer camping work on inclines or uneven terrain.
  • For use outside of the car, a solar panel can be used.
  • The portable fridge freezer is designed to run off your car battery with low current consumption efficiently.

Portable fridge freezer That Is Three-Way Or Gas

Three-way portable fridge freezers employ gas flow heat exchangers rather than compressors and work on LPG, 12, 24, or 240 volts. They’re quiet, but they don’t function as well as compressor refrigerators, and they need to be kept level to work.

If you’re spending a long period in a remote place, three-ways come in handy because one LPG cylinder can keep your camping fridge freezers cold for weeks, well beyond the capacity of a battery system.

Pros of fridge freezer camping

  • In based on power sources, the camp fridge is the most adaptable.
  • On a single gas fill, the machine can run for several weeks.
  • A sophisticated dual-battery arrangement may not be required.
  • The camp fridge was almost silent.

Fridge or a freezer? Portable refrigerators with two zones

You won’t need freezer capabilities if you’re only keeping your lunch cold. But it’s necessary if you’re going to be gone for more than a day or two.

Dual-compartment camping supplies are the most convenient since they combine the functions of a refrigerator and a freezer.

Some innovative single-compartment fridges can also do double duty. This can be done by placing a barrier between frozen products on the bottom and fresh food on the top. While it is less convenient, you will have more overall area because there are no dividing walls.

For the same effect, pair a single compartment design with an esky or cooler by freezing ice bricks overnight in the fridge to keep drinks cold in the cooler the next day.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Portable Fridge Freezer

Drainage Of Low Current

When running on 12 volts, look for a portable fridge freezer with a low current draw. This is a direct indication of how long your battery will survive at your campsite or in a parked car, as well as how long your fridge will run. Five amps is a lot of power, and one amp is a lot of energy. Remember that the temperature inside a vehicle can quickly rise, so if you’re parked in the sun with the windows down, your camping fridge freezers will be working overtime. Your current draw will be higher when you use your portable fridge freezer as a freezer than when you use it as a refrigerator.

Protection for the Batteries

A portable fridge freezer that shuts down when the battery starts to fail could rescue you from being stranded. especially if you’re running it off your starting battery — seek for a type that cuts out at a reasonably high voltage to avoid your battery going flat.

Look for refrigerators that provide different levels of protection. Some refrigerators are configured to turn off at a very low voltage to protect the compressor, but this will not help your battery.

Deep cycling a conventional car battery with a portable fridge freezer will significantly diminish its life (and leave you stranded). Therefore battery protection can help you avoid this. You might want to consider installing a dual-battery system (with a battery suited for extensive cycling) for regular fridge use.

12-Volt Plug-In

Make sure your portable fridge freezers have a suitable connector for your car. When you encounter a bump, they can even unhook your fridge, turning it off totally.

Some refrigerators also come with a range of connectors that can be used with power sources already in your vehicle. It is built for high current demand and connects securely, you may need to have one fitted.

Slides For A portable fridge freezer

A fridge slide makes it easier to access refrigerators. And a drop slide makes it even easier – significantly if your 4×4 has been elevated. You might also want to think about shock-absorbing items like a foam base.

Adequate insulation

Look for a refrigerator with thick walls and insulation since this will generally result in higher efficiency and less load on your compressor, as well as lower energy use. Consider the materials used for the outside casing. Metal is sturdy, but it conducts heat more readily than plastic, whilst fibreglass provides adequate insulation. Thermal covers are available as an option and give additional insulation and protection against bumps, scratches, and dents caused by other items in your vehicle.

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