How to Pack the Picnic Basket Like a Pro

A picnic may seem easy as all you have to do put your food in the picnic basket, get to a park and enjoy your meal outdoors. But packing in the picnic basket Australia is not as easy as making lunch at home because you have everything you need at home. You keep on getting up from the table to get a spoon, a fork, or pickle or mustard for your sandwich.

 If you are not picnicking in the backyard, then all you have is what you have brought along after arriving at the destination. A picnic basket is great to take what you may need to the goal. You can get the picnic basket by using afterpay payment methods at a low price. Some online stores like Camping Swag Online allow you to “buy now and pay later”, which gives you the ease of payment. With strategic planning and a few essential gadgets, you can lessen the annoyance and make the most out of your picnic.  

Pick the Perfect Picnic Basket

Picnic Basket

You don’t need to have a picnic basket made of wicker or the one having the right basket shape. There is a range of picnic baskets Australia available nowadays that you can get under the category of Camping gear from many shopping stores, such as Camping Swag Online. They are made to fit your picnic needs and your lifestyle. Consider if you are packing for two people or more. Also, consider if you will be travelling by car, bike, or on foot and the type of lunch or supper that you wish to have.

Keep the Food Cold 

Picnic Basket

Considering food storage, we know that cold sinks and heat rises to preserve the chilled foods, so you can use ice packs. Put your nutrition on the top that you want first and put the dessert at the bottom. You will be conserving the chill when you keep the picnic open for some time. The freezer packs might be helpful, but the freezable sports bottle, when filled with water, will work well too. You can also have a cold water supply at the picnic as your ice melts. 

You can also use the ice cooler that you can get from the section of Camping gear. They are made to fit bottles and cans to chill them as well as keep them cool. They can be wrapped around the containers before you put them in your picnic basket. They can also be used for keeping food chilled if it is packed in containers.

Serving Tips 

One thing that should be kept in mind is that the spot chosen by you may not be near the running water, so in case you drop the serving spoon on the ground, you have to get a clean scoop rather than using the dirty one. You should bring several utensils along. They will not take a lot of space, and you do not have to go for expensive equipment for spoons and cutlery. Visit a local thrift store to get a handful of flatware and serve scoops at a lesser price. 

After the picnic is over, you can wash them before putting them in the plastic bag and storing them in your picnic basket for your next picnic trip. As we talk about cutlery, you should bring some knives as well. There is no need to use the best equipment but bring a knife better than the butter knife. You can get the utility or the ones made for cutting with an edge and easy spreading with another advantage. Some cutting boards are also good to have in the picnic basket Australia. Bring some extra boards as you will not be able to wash them. 

The solid board will work best as you might be working on the bumpy surface, so it is a better choice. Some small plates will easily fit in the picnic basket as they are made small and pretty to be used. Toothpicks are also something that should not be missed. Get the toothpick dispenser and put it in the picnic basket Australia. Some picnic basket might come with napkins, but it is always better to keep your napkins. A lot of picnic basket Australia has two people or a four-person version. Even if you are going on a picnic with your partner, it is always good to get the four-person version of the picnic basket as you can keep extra plates as well as utensils and use them for serving, so you will not have to pack several extras in the picnic basket Australia. 

Planning your Menu

There are three menus for the picnic. One is the comfort food version involving potato salad and cold fried chicken. Then there is a cheese and wine picnic. After that came the sandwiches. Plan your menu and pack things accordingly in the picnic basket Australia. There is no need to fill the containers or jars in the picnic basket as they may spill in the basket. 

Storing your Drinks 

Picnic Basket

Take extra water or other beverages in your picnic basket. You will need drinks and water the most to cool you down on a hot summer day. You can carry iced tea or homemade lemonade in the bottles. Pack some extra glasses to enjoy your lemonade or iced tea. Some drinks are made drub ale for being carried along on picnics. 

Extras that Must Not be Forgotten

If you may be sitting on the ground, it is a great idea to bring blankets along. You can get crackers or chips that may go with your dips, cheese, and salsa. They will not be bulk as they are light in weight. It is ideal to fit everything in the picnic basket, but it is not your luggage, so you should not stress. You can carry an extra tote bag along with your picnic basket Australia. You can put your paper towel roll and a trash bag in it as well. So pack your picnic basket and hit the road.