Jockey Wheel

Jockey Wheel

Lift Heavy Objects with a Jockey Wheel from Camping Swag Online
It is possible to come across any unfortunate event. When your car gets stuck in a hole, or your car runs out of battery. And it could not come out by the manual effort. We have a solution for you to escape through these challenging times. You can buy a jockey wheel electric jockey wheel. That is helpful camping gear to lift and trail heavy objects easily. We have a vast collection of jockey wheels that you can purchase at affordable prices from Camping Swag Online.
How can our Jockey Wheel help you?
Jockey wheels are a small camping gear that does not take up a lot of space in your luggage but brings much convenience to you while you are on vacation or traveling. Our jockey wheel will help you to lift heavy objects and trail them from one place to another. It can be attached to a trailer to make work more light. 

There are various types of jockey wheels like light-load, medium-load, and high-load. You can buy them according to your requirements. With the wheel locking system, lifting becomes easy, stable and you can control the movement of the trailer. Jockey wheels are also foldable, so there is easy storage in camping gear.
Types of Jockey Wheels
In terms of transmission,  we have a manual and electric jockey wheel. Manual ones use human force, and there is a rotary lever. The electric jockey wheel is operated through a battery, and they are more convenient to lift and trail heavier objects. The battery is rechargeable which makes them portable.