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The outdoor shower permits you to wash up in your nursery or by your pool previously or after swimming. Our shower can be handily associated with your nursery hose for cold water supply. At that point, the solar energy it consumed can warm the water inside the tank and offer you an ideal shower! The temperature of the water can be warmed up to 60°C. A fixture is incorporated to fulfil your other water needs.

Available Types and Colours of Outdoor Shower

Many different solar-powered camping showers are available on our online store, “camping swag online.” Various colours, including black, brown, silver and grey coloured outdoor showers, come in different sizes. 

The available stock includes a solar-powered outdoor shower, garden shower with a tripod, pool solar shower with faux wood finish, and foldable solar shower. All outdoor showers are easy to assemble. The water-containing capacity of the tank varies for each outdoor shower. The foldable outdoor showers are easy to carry during transportation, and you can enjoy your trip.

Quality of Outdoor Shower

We maintain the quality of our products by using high-quality material in their production. We care about the needs of our customers. UV resistant PVC material used in the construction of outdoor showers makes them durable. Practically, PVC pipe presented to daylight can stain and get solidified or marginally more fragile on the external surface of the line; however, the actual cable has no unfavourable changes with the establishment and its capacity to convey loads, whenever taken care of and introduced appropriately. 

You can visit our website to buy camping showers in which a solar shower is included. You need to place an order on our website, and we will provide the product at your doorstep with easy payment methods.