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Side Awning

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Buy-Side Awnings For Your Outdoors From Camping Swag Online

Outdoor Awnings are used for the protection and shelter of the outdoors. Whether you want to cover your lawn. Or planning to go camping where you will need an awning to get shelter from the sun. Side awnings are different from regular ones because they act as a wall on the side rather than a roof on the head. You can purchase side awnings from Camping Swag Online at affordable price rates. Exclusive designs to protect from the low-lying sun. It can also be used for your private purposes. If your lawn is seeable by your neighbourhood that a side awning is the best option to protect your privacy.

Specifications and variety

The outdoor awnings are made with a metallic or a wooden frame. The quality of the frame is satisfactory because it has to bear the wear and tear of the weather. The frame is weather-resistant to give durability so it lasts longer. The fabric is made of high-quality 100% polyester. The screen is breathable for proper ventilation. Non-see-through to make it hard for stalkers to keep an eye on your actions. The screen of the side awning is JV resistant so it could bear the rays transmitted from the sun and tear-resistant. The side awnings are detachable from the frame and easily foldable to put anywhere in your store when not in use. They are also best for camping. The retractable outdoor awnings are also portable and easy to use.

About the payments

We offer various easy payment methods that you can choose according to your flexibility. You can also get facilitated from buy now pay later service with Afterpay if you do not have enough bank balance. The payment is made easy through easy instalments. You can also get discounts on camping equipment so they are affordable for everyone